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One double flap, front only Click to zoom

Description of the model above:

Paper: cream vellum 350 gr
Typeface: grisé
Print color: khaki

Edge: none
Print options: positive
Envelope lining: tile motif

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  • B004-1-3
  • B004-1-4
  • B004-1-5
Ref. B004-1

One double flap, front only

Product description:

Type of announcement: one double flap, front print only
Layout: Belgian
Size: 20.5x32 cm open and 20.5x16 cm closed
Orientation: landscape

Paper, typeface and print color can be customized.

Additional information:

Relief printing is free of charge (please check box). This finish is technically impossible in case of negative printing or double-sided printing (select front or back).
Available envelopes: envelope lined in color matching print color (limited choice), lined in white or unlined.
Available related products: reception, dinner and evening party invitations; map or directions; wedding list and charity slip; tank you notes (envelope included).
Made in Belgium

The price includes announcements, lined envelopes and standard printing.
* Price is reduced if you select unlined envelopes.

We highly recommend you to personalize your announcement on a computer or an tablet.

For any urgent or specific order, please contact us directly.

We highly recommend you to personalize your announcement on a computer or an tablet.



The choice of paper, print color, typeface and finish allows you to create an announcement matching your personality.
For more information, refer to our FAQ.

In the text boxes above, we suggest standard texts that could be fully customized, modified, or deleted.
For additional information on customs, please visit our Etiquette page.
Each time you make an edit text or option (color, typography, edge, negative), you must click to "Update preview" to see the changes.

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